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'To put out a manifesto you must want: ABC
to fulminate against 1, 2, 3' -- Tristan Tzara, Dada Manifesto 1918

A series of LUMIN pamphlets. Experimental poetry, writing and expression by Beau + Sadia with the intention of disseminating experimental art and thought.

A TREATISE: On visceral energy in Expression including notes on Antonin Artaud's subjectile and a diagrammatic representation of Being

B TREATISE: On institutional limitations of Expression including a dialogue on the parallaxical perception of reality, and transcriptions of university lecturer's essay criticisms.

Hand-bound with saddle-stitching and printed on recycled paper. pp.10 each. Size approx. 14.6 x 21cm.

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  • Image of A & B TREATISE