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LUMIN Poetry Chapbooks

In PORTRAITS, Nora Selmani draws on her Kosovan immigrant upbringing to explore homecoming, loss, and selfhood. (not pictured, please see for images)

UNDER THE NEON is Connor van Bussel's first poetry collection. LA nightscapes & the encroaching forest; the collection experiments with classical structures in post-modern contexts.

POEMS FROM CALIFORNIA by Beau William Beakhouse. Written in 2016, in jewelled deserts and timeless sun; the unconscious explorations of the open field, Los Angeles landscapes and Being (note, this is currently a PRE-ORDER, expected delivery end-May).

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ROYAL WEDDING SOUVENIR is Steve Tucker's first collection of verse. Melding 21st century angst with musings on why you don't meet many Garys anymore. It will take you to places you once imagined then forgot about for a bit.


All chapbooks are independently published by LUMIN, hand-bound with saddle-stitching, and printed on recycled paper. Size approx. 12.7 x 17cm.

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